Mercury Marine: #1 on the water is not only the slogan at Mercury, it's a fact. There is a reason Mercury Marine continues to dominate in every engine propelled water sport. Having been a part of the Mercury Team for 9 years has allowed me to realize it's what underneath the cowling that matters most. The Mercury PRO XS motors continue to dominate tournament trails around the world. Just ask all eight winners of this year's Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments. Mercury made a clean sweep with all eight wins coming from the Mercury PRO XS. That's proven reliability and those facts you can take to the bank! In addition to the Mercury engines they also spin what many consider to be the best props in the industry. Check out the Mercury Fury prop by clicking here:
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Having the opportunity to represent Ford Trucks is truly a honor. Not only does Ford have more trucks on the road with over 250,000 miles than any other competitor, they have done it all without the use of your tax dollars! My personal tow rig is a F-150 powered by the ECOBOOST engine. I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical about a 3.5 liter V6 as my towing option. My mind (like everyone else) changed quickly upon my first test drive. Even though its a 3.5 liter V6 it kicks out an incredible 365 HP and a stout 420 lbs of torque thanks to its twin turbochargers. I'm hear to tell you that this engine has incredible HP and is extremely fast. There are a lot of fast 1/2 ton trucks on the road today but I strongly doubt that any can beat the ECOBOOST in fuel efficiency. This motor is a game changer. Check out a tour of my personal truck here

Lowrance: I have been proud to have used and relied on Lowrance electronics for my whole career! For the past 11 years Lowrance has been the only electronics on my boat. From the state of the art GPS and mapping to today's modern High Definition System with Structure Scan Lowrance can be found on more professional anglers and guides boats than any other brand. From fishing on the bank to 60 miles out in the ocean Lowrance has you covered with the most advanced marine electronics possible. To see more information about the new HDS systems with Structure scan click here to watch our instructional videos.
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Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits: Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits have long been a consistent performer for both tournament and recreational anglers around the world. Yamamoto baits have long been the leader in custom soft bait technology with the best mixture of plastic, styles and color combinations to satisfy even the most finicky fish! Gary Yamamoto himself has designed most of the award winning soft plastics in the deadly arsenal including the world famous Senko. Remember when you choose to fish Gary Yamamoto products, your choosing baits designed by fisherman for fisherman!
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St. Croix Rods: When St. Croix says they have the best rods on earth…they mean it. They would know, after all St. Croix has been handcrafting fishing rods for over 60 years! We are proud to simply be the most made in America rod period. I have been proud to be associated with St. Croix Rods for the past nine years. Day in and out they have never let me down throughout spinning, casting, saltwater or fly rods, they simply are in my opinion the best rods on earth. Want to see what separates St. Croix from the competition? Watch this factory walkthrough - Click Here!
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River2Sea: We are excited about our new association with River2sea fishing lures. For several years I have come to rely on many of the realistic features of each and every bait. I'm a huge fan of Tungsten and really enjoy the way the company incorporates this metal into their complete product line. In addition to the hard bait line River2sea also makes an outstanding Spinnerbait, Buzzbait and jig along with the finest grade tungsten weights in the industry. Best of all these products are priced great allowing all of us anglers to spend our hard earned finances elsewhere! Check out a few of my favorite River2sea baits here and learn my favorite ways to fish them. Click here for videos for more information including where to purchase please visit

Mustad Hooks: Mustad is the world's largest hook manufacturer with over 131 years of manufacturing fish hooks. Mustad is the only fishing hook company to control all manufacturing phases of construction. This allows Mustad to offer only the finest quality control possible. Today Mustad has sold over 100 BILLION fish hooks and sold products to over 140 countries. Mustad has been my choice of hooks for over 10 years. Rest assured Mustad has a hook for every species, fresh or salt, large or small. Tie one on and see for yourself! See Mustad's new innovation the Grip-pin hook - Click Here
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Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas: Lake Powell Resorts is a first class way to enjoy America's most scenic lake and house boating destination. From state of the art lodge and dining accommodations to luxury House boats and boat Rentals Lake Powell Resorts has you covered. With over 2000 miles of shoreline and 96 amazing side canyons lake Powell is a wonderful vacation spot to kick back and relax with family and friends, oh yeah…the fishing is not to bad here either! Click here to learn more or Click Here to see why Jarrett loves Lake Powell.


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